Home Security

Good home security allows you to enjoy your house and relax. Home security has become one of the top things people look for in a property.
PEEP Electronics provide Video Door Phones and Wireless Intrusion Alarm System.

Video Door Phone that not only allows you to see who’s at the door, but also enables to communicate with the visitor before you open the door. The Indoor Monitor can be easily installed anywhere in the house, giving you the convenience of viewing the visitors

The demand for security alarm systems is increasing, and more and more options are becoming available for residential use. While having more options is certainly good news for homeowners, it can, at times, make it difficult to find the right setup for your household.


Peep Electronics System aims to become a market leader in the CCTV Surveillance, Home Security, Fire Fighting & Safety, Access Control Accessories And Internet Technology driven business space. With its innovative thinking and forward looking approach, the company will promote new ideas and create a talent pool for providing smart business solutions.

We intend to expand and keep improving our business processes to deliver the best of Security/solutions to our clients.

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