Under Vehicle Surveillance System

PEEP ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED have developed a Simplified and Very Economical UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System) which can replace the OLD CONVENTIONAL METHOD, of inverted mirror, used by the security guards to check the vehicle entering the premises. The Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) has been designed to provide security personnel with a fast and effective method of viewing the underside of vehicles, by providing the operator with a clear image of the underside of the vehicle within seconds of the vehicle having been driven over the system. This system has the following advantages over conventional method.

1. The system has 30 days recording to review.
2. The system search the vehicle from three different angle (as others don't).

uvss uvss2 uvss3


Peep Electronics System aims to become a market leader in the CCTV Surveillance, Home Security, Fire Fighting & Safety, Access Control Accessories And Internet Technology driven business space. With its innovative thinking and forward looking approach, the company will promote new ideas and create a talent pool for providing smart business solutions.

We intend to expand and keep improving our business processes to deliver the best of Security/solutions to our clients.

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